I have a website set up and ran with Views/Panels in English/Spanish. I can easily swap the language on the page out of my basic node pages, but I'm getting duplicates of the content on my views pages (English/Spanish both displaying).

I am have a lot of issues trying to figure out how to filter out my pages depending on what language I want it to show in my Views. Surfed around and found out there is a filter called 'Content: Negotiation' that would automatically grab whatever language is needed. Seems perfect but it is not displaying in my filters list.

Didn't know if I completely missed something or it is a bug.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


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I too was confused about this. As mentioned here, #1308586: Content negotiation filter has been removed, you can use "Content: Language" filter as a replacement.

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But content language does not offer "Language Negotiation" or in other words, the language you are navigating in at that moment (according to url: /en/, /es/, /nl/ etc).
It only gives options for fixed selections, which is not the same. Nor "Current user's language", nor "Default site language" are valid.
There is another issue on this at https://www.drupal.org/node/1447094 which has not been answered by anybody in over two years.
In my case, I want to use it to list the fivestar "top-rated-percent" per language.

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oops... sorry, "Current user's language" IS actually what gets the requiered result (finally tried out of pure despair).
However, that means that the used definition is confusing, because it doesn't correspond to what it says: it's not the current USER's language, but the current PAGE'S (or node's or content's) language.