" Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded " - This message appears when i try to save a large ammount of youtube links in article. ( from about 80 - 120 links )

It's a big number, but it is only save links and add thumbnails, that is not heavy duty supertask.
For instance - Image module can handle like 200 images and now problems.

- - - I know about php.ini limit for memory, .htaccess and all that stuff, and if I increase that limit in 10 times it will work, but the problem is - I can't do that on my hosting, that option is not available. - - -

So I need solution or replacement for that module. To be able to add 120 or more youtube links (videos) to article.

Any solutions ?


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Sorry, but this is not a module bug or similar.

Maybe you could try to import your nodes through Feeds or Migrate integration.