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Last updated: January 14, 2013 - 14:02

Release notes

Contains the following improvements:

Issue #1722356 by John Morahan: Use relative URLs to correctly handle http and https sites.
By babbage: Enable configuration link at new path on the modules page.
By babbage: Minor comment cleanup of .module file.
By ti2m: Add link to configure Location Map to the Admin Configuration page.
By babbage: Provide update code to migrate text fields to support rich text/full HTML and WYSIWYG editors.
By babbage: Add CSS for admin page to provide styling for formatting options on text fields.
By babbage: Reduces admin interface clutter introduced by rich text options for text fields.
By babbage: Minor clean-up of code style, extraneous drupal_add_css on admin page from other feature in development.
Issue #1570522 by babbage: Add CSS to correctly render map in Zen responsive layout. (Map remains static-sized within responsive layout be renders correctly.)
Issue #1692348 by babbage: Support text formats in text fields.
Issue #916404 by rupertj: Changed geocode to use drupal_http_request
Issue #1267562 by elvin, BWPanda: Display interactive map in a block/panel

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