I am an experienced asp.net developer and have used several CMS - DNN, MojoPortal, Ektron CMS400.
I was involved in maintaining the code for an asp CMS so I have thorough understanding on what CMS are.
I would like to jump onto the Drupal wagon and I am looking for recommendation for books that are beyond the basics.
I am reading the reviews on the Definite guide - they are mixed so I am looking for additional books
Thanks in advance for sharing your ideas


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To get a feel for how to use the CMS, this is a good start:


Then, to get a feel for developing for Drupal. these two books are very good:

Note that the above two books approach development in different ways, and each addresses some subjects that the other doesn't, so it really is worth getting both.

And finally, to learn how to theme Drupal sites:

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Thanks - Will take a look at your recommendations