I really like this module - so easy for a client to use, thank you.

My only problem is that I have a site where certain content is restricted to members. The videos coming from YouTube will be set there as 'unlisted' (anyone with the link can view). I need to be able to disable the 'share' option that appears once the video has been embedded in the Drupal site via this module.

I have tried de-selecting the 'Show Info' box as per #1697540: Extend Show info option
but the Share and More Info options are still available for me, unlike ronline's experience. I would really like it to work as it did when he posted his issue.

Is there any way I can edit this module so that the Share and More Info options don't show on any embedded videos?

I have taken a look at https://developers.google.com/youtube/player_parameters but unfortunately have no idea how to implement anything from there.

Many thanks for your time.