Hi all,

I'm trying to get my taxonomy menu up and running properly and I am under the impression that the behavior I want is covered under menu trails, but I just can't seem to link the two up. If I leave the menu on default (taxonomy/term/tid) The active trails on the menu will expand sub-categories as I would expect, but when I switch over to a custom path (catalog/%), the active trail doesn't follow and only the top level will display in the menu when clicked. I've set the menu trails option to "ask taxonomy menu" for paths and tried everything else I can think of. Anybody have experience with an issue like this?



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Sorry for a delay. A few questions about your problem first.

  • I suppose that Taxonomy Menu Trails version is 7.x-2.5. Which version of Taxonomy Menu are you using?
  • How are you generating the menu with custom path? Is it some custom module implementing the Taxonomy Menu hook and returning catalog/[tid]?
  • Have you tried setting "Term path" option to the "Custom path" and entering catalog/[tid] to the pattern?
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Yes, menu trails 2.5. Taxonomy menu 1.4.

I've been trying to use the view with "catalog/%" all set up to make the menu. I'm using the custom path option with base of "catalog"

As of right now I have the "auto expand menu items" option checked and everything is linking properly to the various pages. When I un-check it, it collapses and when I click on the top level, it won't expand the menu, but it does display the correct top level catalog page. Also when clicking on a product from that top level page, nothing happens to the menu.

Hope that's clear...

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Looks like a core problem, because Taxonomy Menu Trails is not responsible for expanding menus when its item is active. There was a problem on D6 and looks like it appears on D7 too. See #251868: Menu doesn't play well with taxonomy/term/%/all pages. It's about taxonomy pages, but it's just the most popular way to trigger this issue. Please, try to set the view path to catalog/% instead of just catalog. If you need this view to work without arguments too, create additional display with catalog path.

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Update, As a work-around, I just modified the default taxonomy/term/% view to be what I wanted. It does expand the menu's in that case. However, when I clone that view and call it catalog/%, it still doesn't expand the menus. Pretty strange, but I'm functional for now. Maybe I can just use aliases or something to change the paths.