The issue is control of what is the default item in a Views filter dropdown list menu. A view has been given several exposed filters, all operating as dropdown menus. They all derive their contents from custom taxonomy > vocabulary terms. I see that the dropdowns are by default given a top-most item "- Any -". The problem I'm having is, the page always loads/reloads with the first vocabulary term item, which means that upon first view the user is already seeing a filtered list, not the full list. How can I get those sorts & filters to show "- Any -" by default?


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The problem was solved by just not selecting the items in my taxonomy list, under "Select terms from vocabulary ..." Originally I thought I needed to select all those term items in order to have them appear in the dropdown. Apparently it is not necessary, and by not selecting any of them, there is no default item selected – therefore it shows " – Any – " as the default, as desired.

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