I have a form, kinda like this that i want to set up with fields, but I can't seem to work out dependents of dependents:

option level 1
  ----- sub option level 2.1
  ----- sub option level 2.2
       ---- sub option level 3.2.1
       ---- sub option level 3.2.2
option level 2
... etc.

There are so many options for dependencies, but none of them seem to behave quite correctly.
Namely, the 3rd-level dependent appears (e.g. sub-option level 3.2.2) , even when its dependee does not (e.g. sub-option level 2.2).

Can i do this with core field dependencies?

If not, then this is probably a bug -- the UI should not allow me to configure such a dependency.


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Project:Drupal core» Conditional Fields
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updated formatting

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Version:7.x-dev» 7.x-3.x-dev
Component:field_ui.module» User interface
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I'm also interested to this feature.

Did find a way to do it?