This is a follow-up from #1055616: Query arguments should be replaced before generating cache ID

Display caches are missed unnecessarily.

Here is my analysis:
- After executing a cached display/view twiced, I find 1 results-record (which is OK), and 1 or 2 output-records (which is wrong) in table cache_views_data.

- after inserting a dpm() in function get_cache_key in, or enabling the Devel Query log,
I find that the ['build_info']['...query']['arguments'] names are not consistent (but only for the results-cache). Mostly they are ':db_condition_placeholder_8 ' to ':db_condition_placeholder_11', but sometimes from 12-15 .


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So this issue should be postponed for now.

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Not really, since it is discovered in that issue (which deals with caching and exposed filters), but it can happen with every cached view, so it is an independent issue.

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If anyone could point me to the location where the ':db_condition_placeholder_' is generated, I am happy to test and create patch

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Yes, your change in #1430650-39: Taxonomy filter with depth, Drupal 7.12, and views query caching failure resolves the issue.
I reported back in #1055616-84: Query arguments should be replaced before generating cache ID.
I saw you issue before, but never had the time to test that use case. Perhaps you can confirm if it is the case?

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