Hi there,

Here is the issue: I'm trying to create a table view of hierarchical terms:
Parent / Child / Grand Child

Sounds simple but after a lot of researchs looks like impossible...

The term hierarchy looks like:
Term 1
- Term 1.1
Term 2
- Term 2.1
- Term 2.2
Term 3
- Term 3.1
- Term 3.2
- - Term 3.2.1
- - Term 3.2.2

- Parent Relationship: using such solution is messing up the table when it comes to the second level of depth (since term 1 and 2 only have 1 level of depth).

Any suggestions?


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Attached is how it should look like...

Some other ressources I've tried without success:
Clean way of building simple taxonomy browser of arbitrary depth
Taxonomy Edge

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