I have a question bank of about 100 questions. My quiz uses 20 random questions from the bank. It is quite tedious to manually add all 100 to the quiz. Could there be a simple check box that would add all questions to your quiz without manually adding them 10 at a time?


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I was really confused by this too.
I cant warp my head around why not use a simple reference field like you do for terms?
Maybe there is some quick workaround for this? What kind of referencing is used for question linking?

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Yeah, that would be a much better way of doing it. Really anything is better than the UI that is currently in place. It does not work well for any quizzes with more than 10 questions - very tedious.

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This is fixed in 5.x because the question bank is now a view with bulk operations (!)

You can add 1000+ questions if you want now.