Hi Guys,

I am suddenly experiencing an invisible iframe which has a 1000px width & 1000px height on all the our sites that make use of Share Button.

This makes it impossible to select text for 1000px below the button.

Here are examples of sites which are experiencing this problem.


Is anybody else experiencing the same issue?

Do you guys have a solution for the problem?

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


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Confirmed on one of my sites but I think this might be a JS+CSS library conflict, and I haven't been able to track its origin. I suspect it isn't even relevant to the fb_social module. Anyway, my solution was to hack the CSS this way:

.fb_iframe_widget iframe {
  height: 20px !important;
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I started to experience this issue recently too. I use Facebook connect, Facebook Share and Service links to integrate with Facebook. Suddenly Share button started to have 1000px x 1000px definition for iframe, breaking things on my site.

It is not Facebook Share module issue, if i add Facebook Share button by hand, still it is broken this way.

I did massive code rewrite recently, so in my case it could be conflict with something else too, if I find reason for this i will post it here. Still, there is possibility that external fb:share is doing this.

If you wait and look in console, you get

fb:share_button failed to resize in 45s

In Firefox iframe in button never gets propperly sized, but Google Chrome, somehow, in some random occasions, get proper dimensions for it. So it is possible that it is .js runtime problem.

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Thanks HoverFusion for additional insight.
Could it be a matter of timeout in JS operations, due to too much stuff happening with JS, combining the facebook-originated code and the Drupal-originated one? Is there something we can do about it?