I have searched the issues and the git commits, but could not find a reference as to why this was dropped nor could I find an (open) issue of a similar request.

I propose to re-introduce the callback arguments to the API, so that you could do something like:

 * Implements hook_nodewords_tags_info().
function nodewords_custom_tags_nodewords_tags_info() {
  $objects = nodewords_custom_tags_get_objects();

  if (count($objects)) {
    foreach ($objects as $object) {
      $tags[$object->name] = array(
        'callback' => 'nodewords_custom_tags_callback',
        'callback arguments' => array(
          'name' => $object->name,
          'type' => $object->type,
          'title' => $object->title,
          'description' => $object->description
        'context' => array(
          'allowed' => array(
        'label' => $object->title,
        'templates' => array(
          'head' => array(
            $object->name => NODEWORDS_META,

  return $tags;

This is a module (nodew)rds_custom_tags) we developed for a customer where you are presented with an interface to create any additional metatag 'on the fly' without the need for development.

Patch for this in attach.



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That wasn't the right patch, was it... Now it is :-s

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