I am using an exposed filter to alter a entity reference field on an edit page. If this form is shown for an admin every thing works as expected, but when I am logged in as a normal user, the form is not rendered correctly: The HTML form element, that has to be the first child of

<div class="view-filters">

is not in the HTML tree. That has the effect that when I tray to filter the view by submitting the exposed filter field, the whole edit form is submitted instead of the exposed filter form. The strange thing is, that when I reload the view, that has the exposed filter, via AJAX by clicking on it pager, the form element is rendered correctly. As admin or after a AJAX reload the HTML looks like that:

<div class="view-filters">
  <form action="/" method="get" id="views-exposed-form-images-small-search-display" accept-charset="UTF-8" class="jquery-once-1-processed"><div><div class="views-exposed-form"> ....

Otherwise like that:

<div class="view-filters">

Does anyone has an idea what could be the cause of that problem?

I double checked all permissions and printed the form array as admin an normal user to see if there is any difference, but did not found anything.


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Hi, i'm facing the same problem any solution ? thanks!