every time i switch to a new user the Switch back button is not appearing, need help with this asap!

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switch back shows as a link in the navigation block. if you don't have that block enabled, then you'll have to find an alternate place to put that menu item.

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Same for us. We must not use the Navigation block either in our drupal 6 setup. We have the Admin menu module and wonder if it could appear there somehow? I have to logout as the user I masquerade as, and then log back in with my credentials.

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direct link to switch back appears to be
I found it in the administration menu not in the navigation one, right after I reconnect to my admin account, since I have the same issue, and same constraints about menus than jefbak2

but recreating the link in a menu does not seem to work when trying to switch back from a normal user to my admin account. a token/key is needed I suppose ?

could someone share how to generate the key, or how to implement the switch back link into a theme through a function ?

EDIT : oh. just configure the masquerade block to appear for the user role you want to masquerade, and look at the readme :)

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i was looking at possibly creating a php switchback block add on for masquerade but i dont quite know how masquerade works :(