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Last updated: January 8, 2013 - 08:49

Release notes

The main fix of this release is the upgrade of Views Autocomplete Filters for the Rework the Filter commit
Issue #1151292 by arski, Vacilando, Dmitriy.trt, populist : Rework the Filter: Use Views API, suggestions depending on other view data, limit suggestions number, additional option to filter widget ...

This is the list of what's fixed/done in this release:

  • Issue #1158636 by ravuriharish, Hanno, drupalisme, rolkos, robertom, julien.reulos: Fix tokens rewrite
  • Issue #1846864 by osopolar, vasike : Correct the Limit of the Autocomplete field options, use the real_field value instead of the field one.
  • Limit the options of the Autocomplete field to fields with the same name as the Filter field, so the same field will be easier found and selected
  • Issues #1791140, #1748900 by undoIT, thebeepseal, hauptm, derekw, desarrollo2.0, vasike: Use the filter identifier instead of field name for : Fix the Module update for the new settings (autocomplete field) of the Autocomplete Filter.
  • Issue #1835342 by RaF, ykyuen, vasike: Use the selected field for autocomplete filter.
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