Forgive is this is a sore topic. I searched the queue and did not find anything related to this.

I have been using features heavily lately and many times the features are large, requiring multiple modules. When I moved the features over to the demo server I ran into several issues related to modules not found within one of the dependencies. It turns out, the modules versions I used on my localhost did not match what was on the demo server. It seems that when enabling the feature via drush, drush will download the stable version of the module that is required.

For example, both uuid and references have sub modules only in specific versions of the modules... Drush downloads the stable version and uuid_path submodule is not available to enable, so features break.

Is there a way to speck out the version of the module dependency in the file?



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I believe Drupal 7 allows you to specify a version in the dependency information in the .info file.
dependencies[] = mymodule (1.0)

See the section on dependencies in

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@jastraat thank you for pointing that out!

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Does features support this?

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I believe so; they are modules as well. Not sure it's possible to specify in the user interface though.

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I don't think features adds version numbers for dependencies, maybe it should be an option. Maybe it should be a feature request.

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The main issue is that when you recreate a feature it overwrites any version you have specified manually in the .info file.

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Title: features and module version dependencies » Allow specifying module dependency version for a feature

trying to clarify title

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Additionally, if you specify a versioned dependency in a feature right now, it shows as perpetually overridden. I think that should qualify this as a bug.