As above - I'd like to be able to create a webform and rather than have to save it and then click on components, I would just like the components to show on node/add page (similar to

Is this possible easily? Rules perhaps?

Thanks in advance.


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Does anyone have any ideas on how this could work?

I can get the webform redirecting with rules to the form components page after saving but not sure how to add this to the node form.

Any help would really be appreciated.

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Hi there, there was an attempt to do this through Webform Alt UI, which is what Acquia runs on Drupal Gardens. runs a custom module that simply replaces the normal node form with a form that is nothing but a title + the form builder interface. Unfortunately this won't work without Form Builder because Webform needs a Node ID in order to save a component to the database.

In order to do this with the traditional interface you'd need to make it so that node/add/webform *immediately* created a node and then redirected to the components page. However you'd probably want a node title at least (not to mention something that prevented dozens of empty Webforms from getting created).

So in short, no this isn't easily possible, especially without Form Builder. I think the Webform Alt UI module may be the most direct approach to solving this issue.

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