Steps to reproduce:

  1. Setup authcache, configure a role allowed to post comments, allow cached pages for this role
  2. Create a user with the role created in previous step
  3. View a node with open comments
  4. Post a comment. Result: The new comment is visible
  5. Reload the page without reposting the data: The new comment vanished

I regrettably do not understand how cache-invalidation works in this case. It would be great if the original developer could shed some light on the stuff he implemented in 6.x.


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Ok, here is what happend. In the course of the drupal 7.x conversion, it was somehow decided that pages should be stored using CACHE_PERMANENT instead of CACHE_TEMPORARY. This change was not only not necessary but is also causing the trouble with the comments. The attached patch reverts it.

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

patch applied, thx.