I was having the issue here (logintoboggan/file_permissions combo): http://drupal.org/node/1722134 which is now patched and fixed. However, I have several fields that are set to 'View anyone's value' but those fields are only showing to logged in users.

If I disable field_permissions module completely, they re-apprear for anonymous users so it has to be an issue with some permissions getting messed up?

Is there a way to clear/rebuild the permissions in the db to see if that fixes things? any other suggestions for getting this working would be great as there are some admin only fields I have in places which really need hiding but the rest needs to be visible.



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p.s. unchecking everything/rechecking doesn't fix.
p.p.s. setting the permissions to 'public', instead of custom, doesn't fix the problem either - so the incorrect field_permissions perms are overriding the standard ones even when not set to 'custom'?

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I am having this problem now. As it turns out, I don't have any fields that need to be restricted so I've disabled the module entirely to see if the problem gets worked out. I am rebuilding my permissions as I speak, which reminded me that this might also be the answer to your issue.

Go to Reports > Status Report > and find the link on that report that says "Rebuild Permissions". Make a backup of your database before, just in case you did something that you DON'T want corrected.

Hope that helps.

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And to follow up, disabling and rebuilding my permissions did not restore visibility to my fields. I may have a different issue than you.

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I found a solution to this issue, see commend #2 here: http://drupal.org/node/1936898#comment-7243678

I don't know if the problem needs to be resolved in Field Permissions or in Feeds.

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Issue is old enough I'm closing it. There's a chance this is fixed anyway.