After installing Better exposed filter, I have noted that my «reset buttons» ( Exposed form style: Basic | Settings ) stopped working (getting a wsod). I cannot tell if BEF is the source of this problem because I did not make a test just after installing BEF, but it seems to be.

I have disinstalled BEF and reinstalled Views, but the reset buttons are still leading to a white screen. What can I do to make Views work like it should? Do I have to «rewrite» all my views? Does it have to do with some code written to the DB?

Beside the fact that the «reset» option is no more available, is this problem a «threat» to the stability of my site or should I live with it?

Thanks (and happy new year!).


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The proper way to fix this is to update views to 7.x-3.x-dev. A core release broke that functionality.

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Sorry to be «picky» about this but it is said «-dev branch for Views 3 for Drupal 7. Use at your own risk».

So it is safe to use the most recent dev. of Views?

Thanks for your time.

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Well, make backups, test your updates etc. this is your decision.

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