Hi i just don't know if the module or drupal itself got a solution for creating another media gallery type with the same behaviour as the original from the module. This feature would be nice to create a gallery where only videos and one where only pictures are allowed in a community environment.

I need help please!


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Component: Documentation » User interface

This Feature would be useful in community websites where i offer users multiple galleries where all takes different filetypes e.g webfiles. Another Solution would be to modify the settings (allowed filetypes...) at the gallery creation page maybe per url argument but i don't know how to configure this behaviour.

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Nobody here who also need this feature?

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Check if this patch (#73) fixes your issue:

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Thats not exacly what i was looking for. I mean that you can create a whole new content type and make this new type to a media gallery where you can overwrite all settings like allowed content types and so on.