I don't have accentuation problem with my website, but ...
when with ckeditor I use the link icone and I put some fixed text for beginning of message aerea with accentuation (for example, I write: cas d'école), I see bad things when using that link. I look at my node, click on the link, it opens windows webmail but I seecas d'école.
Can I do something with advanced window, for example charset field?

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Which version of CKEditor library do you use ?
Please check if you issue exist on CKEditor demo page http://ckeditor.com/demo

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I use 3.6.2 ck library. At time of creation of that website, I tried 3.6.5, but a bug forced me to return in 3.6.2.

Sorry, but where to check issue in http://ckeditor.com/demo ? Do I need to create a login to see issue queue and be able to search among issue queue?

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I use the link icone and I put some fixed text

as I understand you use link button form CKEditor and than you try use some mailto link, am I right ?
After saving your node , something bad with accentuation happens ? If this is the case you should be able to reproduce this problem on demo page. Just do the same as on your page and check source code created by CKEditor. Please also check if you problem exists with latest CKEditor from 3.x series (3.6.6)

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Yes you understand well.

I installed in local the last ckeditor module version with the 3.6.6 CKEditor program. I have the same problem.
In fact, I have that problem in all my websites. Here is an exemple : http://tripi.alwaysdata.net/test-nicole

I tried too the http://ckeditor.com/demo
When I check source code, I can see the exact problem too.

It depends of computer. Someone tried with an Ipad and it was OK. Is it a server problem, a config problem or a CKE problem or ... ?

All the best

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@sahuni ,
please check if your browser is set to UTF-8 encoding. Please also check your drupal's database if it use UTF-8.
Please also attached screenshots. This is what I see.

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I think you are right. Problem comes from my browsers : OK with FF, KO with IE and chrome.
I'll look in that direction or replace that email link with a webform.
thanks for all

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Closed (works as designed)