Hello all. To the maintainers of this module or anyone savvy to this sort of thing. I'm curious to know if this module can add time and subtract time based on triggers and rules. Also I want to know if there are possible integrations with user points API. I want use this module for a site that I am developing and I'm hoping that what I envision is possible.


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I am not sure if i understand you right. Currently this module provides a formatter for the date field and a simple block. The module it selfs does no own date calculation logic. The rules support are only an event . If countdown zero it will be triggered over an Ajax request.

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Thank you for your reply. What I am trying to achieve for a site I am developing is to have a countdown timer, that counts down how much time a user has until their account is terminated. I would like to be able to add or remove time to the prospective termination date via the user points module. Points would translate to time in whatever increment translates best. I am understanding module might just be one part of what I am trying to achieve. I realize some custom module development might be in need. I would appreciate any insight on how I should go about achieving this. I realize some custom module development might be in need.