I am new to drupal and web development.

I have created a simple web page used drupal. However, after reading some documents, it seems usually, css, javascript and php are not used. Because we could create and arrange content by view, or other UIs instead of coding.

Moreover, we could also create and maintain the content by using some modules like Wysiwyg.

Thus, I just wonder when we should code in PHP or javascript in drupal?

Thanks a lot


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drupal is built with php, css, and javascript so they are definitely used. If you mean when should one customize php, css, or js-- that would be when what's already available with core and contributed modules and themes don't meet your needs.

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Thanks a lot.

So, for general Drupal users, we do not need coding. And css, php and javascript are basically for Drupal developers or very advanced users, right?

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Using Drupal does not require programming skills with PHP or Javascript. Drupal has a wide variety of contributed modules that provide functionality so that you don't have to do coding. You may run into situations where these are necessary depending on your custom needs. But you can create full sites without any additional PHP coding.

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Thank you all. I know drupal much better now.