I've set up the module and added four price points for a product: 1-4 ($35), 5-9 ($31.50), 10-24 ($29.75) and 25-Unlimited ($28.00).

I add the product to my cart and if I change the quantity to 4, the price correctly remains at $35.00. But if I change it to 6, instead of setting to $31.50, it resets to $28.35. When I set the quantity to 11, the price resets to $26.78 instead of $29.75, and when I set the quantity to 26 or higher, it resets the price to $25.20 instead of $28.00.

Any idea what might be causing these strange calculations?


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Maybe this bug can be resolved using my patch from http://drupal.org/node/1875688, because it changes the calculation to only use min_qty.

But this sounds as if there are other pricing rules interfering. Can you try and disable all other pricing rules?

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Not sure to what discounts are you referring, but just did a test and everything is working fine here, with the same price setup, when I switch quantities in the cart, I get the expected price calculation according with the ranges.