Hi everyone, I am as new as new can be, about to install Drupal all by myself and join all of you. Wish me luck!


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Welcome and good luck... You'll can see how Drupal is very amazing :)

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Thanks for the warm welcome - although I'm slightly scared by the 'drop or tear' part of your signature - let's hope no tears for me!

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I am only a couple of week's into learning Drupal as well and have had to get help from the veteran's on the site a couple of times already. I have been impressed with the responsiveness of the community. Good luck.

BTW - I'm not an expert, but after playing with Drupal on my hosting provider's site for a couple of week's, I decided I wanted more control and installed Acquia's Dev desktop for Windows. Then I was frustrated with not being able to understand what and where Acquia put everything. I found an article on drupal.org about using a fresh Drupal install with Acquia's AMP stack. I set up a couple of separate Drupal sites locally using this article and it made all the difference for me. If you are as new as I am and trying to do a local Windows install, Acquia made the local WAMP setup much easier than I thought it would be and finding that article allowed me the control of the drupal installations that I wanted.

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I found an article on drupal.org about using a fresh Drupal install with Acquia's AMP stack.

Do you have a link?

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Wow. You just saved me loads of work. This forum thing is incredible :)

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As helpful as I find a well-planned online video tutorial to be, I like flipping through the pages of a well-written book. I got Drupal for Dummies first. The only negative reviews that I had read criticized the elementary nature of the text and the typical hand-holding of this series. As a self-proclaimed newbie, that only motivated me to get the book. It was not a bad jumping off point for a guy that had a hard time spelling http, but I got to the back cover in about two and a half days and was left wanting a more in-depth resource.

I was nervous about "The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7" because (1) books with so many contributing authors are often disjointed and hard to follow and (2) it is written by veteran Drupalites and I have found many forum posts and documentation from experts that assume more knowledge than I possess. I ordered it and it came in a couple of days ago. Wow! I'm not going to burn through this one in 2 days! If they put any more information in the next edition, it will have to be a multi-volume set. I just finished reading the first paragraph of each chapter and I am amazed at how much help this book has been already. I highly recommend it, even for a newbie.

Good luck.

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Thanks so much for recommending this, I think a friend of mine has it but I had never thought about it until you said it so now (coffee cups on my desk allowing) think I might pinch it for a couple of weeks :)