i am learning a lot with the omega kicstart theme: thanks a lot :)
also i am learning sass and compass and i would suggest to incorporate the css that come with the native modules on commerce kickstart.
if you think that the idea is ok, i can collaborate in that :)


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I'm not sure I understand.
You want us to copy the existing css from the kickstart modules into omega_kickstart?
Why? The whole point of having the CSS with the modules is that so they work with any theme.

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sorry for my bad english :)
i try to do it better ...

in commerce_kickstart_theme you give the scss (not css) with the distribution what it is very useful for designers.
but the modules have only the css.
i propose that you give also the scss of the modules.
i imagine that in the same folder that you give the modules css since they have not a specific folder...

also, i am doing now colors for the your theme scss (i copied to learn and then modified) that it is not made.

at for example (it is not finish and i put your colors and not mine) in the commerce_kickstart_theme/scss/variables.scss (i make it in my subtheme):

// commerce_kickstart_menus (module)
$toolbar-color1: #50adf5;
$toolbar-color2: #55b5ff;
$toolbar-text-shadow: #18466b;
$toolbar-link: #fff;
$toolbar-user-link: #fddb84; 
$toolbar-user-background: #2f88cd;
$toolbar-user-shadow: #1a6bdf;
$toolbar-user-li-link: #57B3FC;

// mail (theme)
$message-background: #FFF; 
$message-color: #000000;
$message-border: #E9E9E9;
$message-link: #009BD4;
$message-detail: #b2b2b2;
$message-detail-span: #00a0da;
$message-th-border-bottom: #AAAAAA;

// alpha-default-normal (theme)
$block-menu-social-h2: #eeeeee;

// alpha-default (theme)
$main-menu-link-background: #000000;
$main-menu-hover: #000000;
$main-menu-hover-background: #ffffff;
$main-menu-active: #2698F2;

then the hexadecimal colors can be changed for the variable in the scss files and compiled to css. this will make much easier to change colors, since they are all in one file and not all over the scss and css.

and my mini-collaboration offer is to give to you the variables made for the colors or x related to this...
i hope this time i explained better :)

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after thinking in this, i believe that i should propose this in the commerce kickstart theme issues, but i leave it open just in case that you want give the opinion or get one of the modules with the colors with scss what makes the design more user friendly :)

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Status: Closed (won't fix) » Active

I misread this the first time, thinking you were wanting to put SCSS in all the module folders.. But I realize that wasn't what you were saying. I'd say this is probably more of a code clean-up task than just putting some module-specific variables in the theme.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)