I'm trying to map a multi-valued LDAP field into a Drupal profile field but no matter what I try I can only ever get the first value of the LDAP field to migrate into the Drupal user.

For example, an LDAP user might have "affiliation = staff" and "affiliation = alum". I'd like the Drupal user to reflect that somehow, whether through a select field, a taxonomy, or simply just a text field, but setting the mapping at admin/config/people/ldap/user only ever seems to import one value. I've tried adding [affiliation:0] -> field_affiliation, [affiliation:1]-> field_affiliation, etc but to no avail.

I seem to remember older versions of the LDAP module offering a way to process fields before importing them into users. Is this still possible? Would this be a job for the LDAP Query section? I'd appreciate any ideas.



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This is a bug or feature. Currently ldap user doesn't support multivalued drupal fields.