When creating a new Aurora-subtheme, you will have a particular folder structure inside the partials folder where there are the base, design and global folders, with one or more files in each. Sadly, there's little explanation on how these are supposed to be used. The files in the base folder are kinda obvious, as are forms and type.scss, but the rest of them are hard to tell the purpose of.

Conventions are a good thing, I think it'd be a great thing if the use of these folders where explained just a tiny bit more.


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For the main Aurora extension #1807132: CSS Structure already explains it.

For Corona, I am working on adding in documentation, but simply:

sass/partials/ || Main folder to hold all partials
sass/partials/base || All variables, mixins and functions to apply to the whole site. No CSS should be made from this.
sass/partials/global || Site-wide styles, extenables, etc. A good example is typography and forms, each of which affect the whole site.
sass/partials/design || Everything else, organize as you will.

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)
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I have been using Aurora for a little bit, and just started trying out Corona. Your documentation is exceptional! However, I feel like there are a few holes. For example, I would like to know if Layout should go in the Design or Global folder?

In Aurora, I did something like this:



How could I best use that structure in Corona? Any advice? I think my brain is taking it personal, having been conditioned to think of the term "GLOBAL" relating to the common elements, kind of like the Style Guide folders purpose in Aurora. The way you describe global, I feel like most styles go across all the pages. I would love, love, love to see someone post a real world example of their structure to clear the air a little bit on the best way to tame this beast =)


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this comes very much down to your personal taste. maybe you find some ideas in the sass structure of the cloudy theme. we essentially split the partials into layout, styles for components/modules and typography, utility for the rest.

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@caponey, dasjo is exactly right--- it really comes down to personal taste. I don't have any themes I can give off the back-- but the whole point of the Aurora / Corona SASS partials are to give you a start, and let you take over from there. You can put anything where you want, although there is a touch of structure if you choose to use it.

As to your design v. layout--- Again... do what you want. Personally, I don't like separating my partials into design and layout, and have it all muxed together. Snugug is the opposite, and likes having those devisors. If you want some more information on how I approach things, check out a recent talk I did for SAND Camp-- http://chinggizkhan.github.com/power-theming-drupal/

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appreciate it. thanks for the quick responses too.