I'm newbie in Drupal core. I wanna to learning Drupal very deep for many kind of my project. Before it, I must know all of Drupal especially the architecture core and the database. Anyone could be help me to explain or give me the best tutorial online for learning about drupal architecture core and drupal database relational ?

Thank you very much


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If you are new to Drupal, I would suggest using Drupal 7.

I would suggest reading through the documentation at http://drupal.org/documentation.

The basic architecture of Drupal is a PHP application using a database and webserver. What details are you looking for?

Knowledge of the database is not really key to understanding Drupal. Most of the database changes are done via an API. However, if you want to know about the database schema, see http://drupal.org/node/22754.

The best tutorial is trying to put together a website yourself using Drupal. You might like http://nodeone.se/en/four-weeks-of-drupal.

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Did you take apart your car before you drove it?

Software Developers tend to think they can actually understand more than they can.

Start with a specific as small as possible website and build it. Learn as little as possible.

Then build another. The less you know, the better.

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Many people take a bottom-up approach - start building things and figure out the details until the pieces start to fit together in your mind to build the big picture. If you combine that with a top-down view, it might be easier. Some of the following may be helpful for that top-down view if you're a programmer who is used to working with other systems:

Google some articles about Drupal and PAC architecture, such as:

Another good starting point for understanding some of the concepts is to google Aspect Oriented Programming and Drupal for articles like:

And if you're familiar with OOP and Drupal seems strange: