I've installed BG from this tutorial : http://vacilando.net/bg , and of course all dependencies (Lightbox V2 and its dependencies ).
I've created local directory placed in my 'files' folder, called 'test'. BG has created cache folder automatically in 'files' too. Than, I uploaded some small (1024x768) images in files/test folder and used following tag in my post :

[bg|test |columncountoverride|widthoverride|sortorrandomoverride|maximumnumbertoshow|colouroverride|beginfromoverride|caption-yes-no-text]

Of course, no thumbnails has appear, I mean no proper thumbnail (a default icon only), so when I've clicked on it, no images was displayed. It's strange, because BG works fine with picassa. I've chmoded files/test with 777 chmod , and checked the phpinfo. The php version is 5.2.17, and GD version is 2.0 or higher (and of course it's enabled ).

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks, Nism0


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Try just a basic string first:

and then start adding in the options.

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It doesn't work too ;)

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I had exactly the same symptoms, for Picasa and local galleries. I solved the problem putting a permissive .htaccess on both images and temp folder, and giving "access brilliant_gallery" rigth to the users supposed to see the images.

this is the .htaccess file :
Order Allow,Deny
Allow from all

Now it works perfectly.

Hope this helps, regards,

PS. thanks to Vacilando for this great module... A bit hard sometimes to make it works, but so powerful !

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I have the same issue.

No matter what I tried, brilliant_gallery_temp folder is always empty (file-system permissions are OK). No errors are shown in the php logs or in the watchdog. Settings are saved with no errors.

The bg tag (I'm using old syntax) in the content is expanded correctly - image links are displayed, but both the img source and the link are pointing to <files>/brilliant_gallery_temp/bg_cached_resized_somerandomhash.jpg, which are never created.

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Version: 6.x-4.1 » 6.x-4.4
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I have the same problem that your, instead of the images sees an icon.
You have been able it to solve?

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Brilliant Gallery 6.x-4.4 does work...

If it didn't work, after you have configured your gallery
1) Make sure you clear cache (Performance -> Clear cached data) and then run cron
2) Make sure your tag have no gap, see https://www.drupal.org/node/665218
or just try the basic tag as described in #1