Authenticated users do not have access to edit media files in gallery even if their are authors of that gallery and files.
Of course I check all permissions correctly (edit own files etc.) and I track down that problem is in media_gallery_filter_media_access function file_entity_access always return NULL. So it can be problem with file entity (I use 2.x dev) but not sure.

For me was enough simple hack/fix with let authors edit his files but this need more deep track why could not use normally multiedit.


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Thank you for reporting the issue.

It seems, we are using the wrong operation.
Attached a patch, which should fix it.

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Thanks, tested and seams work ok now.


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Nice work ! Work like a charm !

And sorry to change it from fixed to reviews but since it is not apply to dev i think it's better like this for people having this issue.

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Patch #1 works as intended!

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.