I downloaded your module "Node Gallery" today and really like it! However, I've been having a problem filtering the results of the galleries and I was hoping I can buy a little of your time.

I'm attempting to create a new view, display pictures from all albums, and then create a filter which contains a drop-down select list of all of the album names. This way the user can filter the images and browse through each album. I just wanted it all to be on one page!

So far I simply created the view, added the title, node id, and galleries field. Selected a Filter called "Galleries (node_gallery_ref_1)" which I thought was the field present in all Gallery items. This view results in displaying the gallery item pictures and a filter (which is properly populated with the album names). However, when I click an album to filter by it returns no results...hmmph!

Any help would be appreciated!

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Ugh. This was hard, but I figured it out. Apply the attached patch. You will probably need to re-add the Galleries filter to your view and save. It's working for me on my dev site after the patch. Please let me know if this works for you. I would appreciate feedback from anyone else who applies the patch, as well.

For anyone else reading this thread, you need to make sure "Render Views filters as select list" is checked in the field settings for the Galleries reference field before you configure Views. (it sounds like @louis8789 has already done this)

Here's what happened, for those who are interested: Views was querying the standard EntityReference field tables for data, which we don't use, since we store Node Gallery relationships in node_gallery_relationship. The patch code overrides the Views table and join information to make it use our table instead of the normal field table.

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Hey Zengenuity!

Thanks so much and sorry for the delayed response. Was pretty swamped this week at work. Anyways the patch seems to work perfectly and I don't see any problems as of now. I'll keep testing it and let you know if I find anything or can come up with anymore questions.

Can I offer you some form of compensation? Maybe a Paypal so I can donate a few beers to your weekend?!

Cheers mate and thanks again,

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Sure, I'll accept beer money. Will email you my Paypal address.


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