hey there,

I've noticed the checkbox "Remember my settings" doesn't work for result comments - which, incidentally, can be pretty repetitive ;)

it doesn't store either comments, which use input filter, nor percentage ranges and names, which use unfiltered textfields.

is this by design? if so, can there be storage for it as well?


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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

This is by design.

Quiz module is already preserving a huge pile of items, you can find them below. Comment and text format states are being handled by drupal core, I would suggest to use that.

function _quiz_get_node_defaults() {
  return array(
    'aid' => NULL,
    'number_of_random_questions' => 0,
    'max_score_for_random' => 1,
    'pass_rate' => 75,
    'summary_pass' => '',
    'summary_pass_format' => filter_fallback_format(),
    'summary_default' => '',
    'summary_default_format' => filter_fallback_format(),
    'randomization' => 0,
    'backwards_navigation' => 1,
    'repeat_until_correct' => 0,
    'feedback_time' => 0,
    'display_feedback' => 1,
    'quiz_open' => 0,
    'quiz_close' => 0,
    'takes' => 0,
    'show_attempt_stats' => 1,
    'keep_results' => 2,
    'time_limit' => 0,
    'quiz_always' => 1,
    'tid' => 0,
    'has_userpoints' => 0,
    'allow_skipping' => 1,
    'allow_resume' => 1,
    'allow_jumping' => 0,
    'show_passed' => 1,
    'quiz_open' => _quiz_form_prepare_date(),
    'quiz_close' => _quiz_form_prepare_date(NULL, variable_get('quiz_default_close', 30)),
    'mark_doubtful' => 0,

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Status: Closed (works as designed) » Active
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sorry, by "Result comments" I meant the text that is displayed according to how well a user did; for instance:
40% - "you can do better"
80% - "great"
100% - "excellent"

I know there's a confusion with the Core comment system but I took the expression "Result comments" from the Quiz creation form.

please take a look at the screenshot to see what I'm talking about.

thanks for the support!

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Title: "Remember my settings" doesn't work for result comments » Add "Result comment" to quiz default settings
Category: bug » feature

Thanks for the follow up! This feature is not supported by quiz at the moment. We would like to treat this issue as new feature request. This is not a bug, default settings works as designed.

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okay! :)

well, please let me know when you have a patch for testing; I'll apply it and report back.

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Please find the patch to save "Result Comments" on checking "Remember my settings" while saving quiz.

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Status: Active » Needs review
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Status: Needs review » Closed (outdated)