I need to preload 2 images but there is a mesage "Please note that this only applies when you are using separate thumbnail files".

I'm not sure how to use this preload functionality by using separate thumbnail files.
I badly need this....Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance !


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hello )) i need this function too...in instruction it says:

You can define separate thumbnails by linking a thumbnail to the big image in the HTML source or using a plain JSON object as gallery data.

If you want separate thumbnails (recommended), just add them as a link:

<div id="galleria">
    <a href="/img/large1.jpg"><img src="/img/thumb1.jpg" data-title="My title" data-description="My description"></a>
    <a href="/img/large2.jpg"><img src="/img/thumb2.jpg" data-title="Another title" data-description="My <em>HTML</em> description"></a>

but i dont know how to use it in this module) please help ))