I want to integrate a month calendar with a pager into a node panel :
. it's ok about arguments between panel and views, I can filter events depending on node types and dates
. but pager links are not ok using the calendar page view so I tried with the block view, and pager link are ok, it keeps the panel url.
. but.. I would need to display the events in the block view, and I cant find the way to get rid of the mini-calendar display and one cant see the event in the month view.
. so I tried to override using template.php or custom modules by forcing 'mini' to be disabled (http://drupal.org/node/1046944) but I miss something and it does not work.
. I finally directly modded /modules/calendar/theme/theme.inc by adding
function template_preprocess_calendar_mini(&$vars) (first line)

sure this is bad. how could I answer this need properly, by theming, or with something I don't get in calendar view config ? (attach a view that displays day events in month mode in calendar block || rewrite pager links in calendar page according to the current node url so my panel can be triggered)