I would appreciate if Aurora can include normalize.css, or even better, the port to a Sass/Compass partial maintained by John Albin Wilkins.

Disclaimer: I know there are different opinions on the matter of normalize/reset style sheets, so this is just me talking about my own preference.


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I'm pretty sure that normalise.css is already included. If you take a look at _base.scss in your generated theme, it claims:

Aurora already puts in respond-to, susy, toolkit, breakpoint, sassy-buttons, and compass-normalize.

(line 9-10 in my copy).

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Which version are you using? I have installed aurora 7.x-2.6 and compass-aurora 1.0.2. I have been experimenting with a Susy-based and a Singularity-based subtheme, but there is no occurrence of "normalize" in any of the files. Did I miss something?

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

Within the compass extension for Aurora, there is a line for it within the _global.scss, but only if you are using Corona.

If not, just add this to your SASS partial to add it in:
@import 'normalize';

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Thanks ChinggizKhan. Since it is not mentioned anywhere on the Aurora project page (it should be!), I wasn't aware of Corona. It looks really good and the directory / file structure of the partials makes even more sense to me than aurora/susy does.

I am tempted to re-open this issue though, because I still think the normalize would be a valuable addition to aurora/susy and aurora/singularity as well. Any reasons why normalize should not be part of the other aurora sub-theme templates?

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Corona is the only extension that provides base CSS to start off with. The basic principle is the others are just very base starting points to do all your own styling with. Corona takes it one step further and adds some boilerplate work.

I will be updating the module page once my last bit of code gets released into the compass extension. I just finished a large project I was using to test my structure and test any little things. As such, I have made a few minor changes--- you can see the final product here: https://github.com/ChinggizKhan/Corona/

OR look at the updated gem files with my PR here: https://github.com/Snugug/Aurora/pull/15

And I will get Snugug to look over both tomorrow :-)

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Thanks for your explanation, I'm learning every day here :-)

If you don't mind me asking, I'm curious why you chose Modernizr module over simply including the js in the theme. Which advantages does it offer, in your experience?

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One of the reasons the Drupal community thrives, is that we try very hard not to duplicate functionality. The modernizr module with its 7.x-3.x branch has made much more possible than we could do within a theme, as well as standardized a way for modules to use modernizr with its own API. Both Snugug and I work heavily with rupl to keep our web standards at the highest level possible as well.

This is also part of the reason we are removing the jQuery update code in the next release in favor or the jQuery update module--- there are too many minor parts of updating jQuery that cause issues (such as the jQuery form code) that we rather contribute back to a single module then each of us individually work separately.

Let me know if you have other questions--- find me on IRC (freenode - ChinggizKhan), I would be happy to answer any other questions for you.

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Thanks. No further questions at this moment. It's great to see you all building a really solid base theme. I hope I'll be able to contribute to aurora some time in the future.