Is there a way to disable ckeditor for Blocks? or Admin role? It erases HTML code in the Block body, a possible bug? Follow these steps to reproduce this bug.

1. Go to Structure --> Blocks
2. Add a new Block
3. Switch to Plain text editor
4. Add HTML code in the Block body
5. Set the visibility settings and Save the Block
6. HTML code renders just fine on the pages it is set to be visible.
7. Now go back into Structure --> Blocks
8. Edit the Block that was just created.
9. Block body is BLANK
10. Switch to Plain text editor - All the HTML code is vanished, gone, pooooooooof!

Text format can be full or filtered, doesn't matter. The only way to get your HTML code back is to disable Ckeditor module under Modules or phpMyAdmin.

Is there a way to disable ckeditor for Blocks only but keep this great module active for all the other purposes?

Drupal 7.18
CKEditor 7.x-1.12 (Drupal Module)
CKEditor 4.0 (Program)


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It's not possible to disable CKEditor only for selected fields...
I have only 2 idea how to make a little workaround for this problem:
1) change default text format for textareas in Blocks, for one which is not connected with CKEditor
2) u can use drupal hook form_alter and add '#wysiwyg' => FALSE for this fields of the form - after this CKEditor shouldn't be loaded

For now i don't have any more idea how to do this in other way...


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function my_module_form_alter(&$form, &$form_state, $form_id) {
   if ($form_id == 'block_admin_configure' || $form_id == 'block_add_block_form') {
     $form['settings']['body_field']['body']['#pre_render'] = array();

width my_module is name your module