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Many people have reported great success when using this module to prevent spam bots and other forms of spam. Some of these people's stories are collected below, for those who wish to know:

I installed Honeypot yesterday and within a few minutes it was blocking 100% of my spam! It's like watching a zombie trying to walk through a wall, over and over again. :-)

I'd like to leave this open for everyone to share their success stories with Honeypot. The discussions here could even be added to a Testimonials section on the project page to help promote the module and its techniques.

- fizk

Thanks for the validation of this project's efforts! I've experienced a huge reduction in new account spam on Flocknote, Midwestern Mac, and Open Source Catholic, three sites for which I originally developed this module.

Also, I hear it's working well on (see: #1759272: Test honeypot module on and (see: #1833564: Deploy honeypot to cut down on bot registrations), if that's any help to someone evaluating the module :)

- geerlingguy

I want to thank you and Drupal for HoneyPot. I am new to managing a Website and since its inception several months ago, I have been plagued by the wasted talent of spammers on a daily basis...I deleted from 10-20 per day, while laboriously copying their dynamic IP addresses and adding them to the Block List. After months of this and countless hours of my time, I decided to look here for help. I found HONEYPOT and since installing it... 0 - zip spammers. I have had it running for about 5 days now and logging the rejects...they are still trying to get in, but thanks to HoneyPot, they're failing. It works great and is simple enough for anyone to understand and configure. I stop them at the front door with the registration form and plan to continue that practice...Anyone unwilling to provide basic personal information that can be found in the Public Records, is up to no good and I don't want them at my site. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world in such a positive way.

- JakeRogers

I opened my site for registration and within minutes I was getting bogus account applications. But as soon as I installed Honeypot and enabled it, they all stopped. Chuffed to bits.

- ChrisValentine

Installed Honeypot hoping for a little bit of relief from false registrations on our site. Boy was I excited when instantly the SPAMbots disappeared!

- aeternus

We use Honeypot on our Drupal agency site - Microserve, and it has been excellent so far. Granted a few submissions do slip through, but it is much better than providing a CAPTCHA for users to fill in. We've now rolled it out to many of our clients sites since they were also beginning to get frustrated with this issue and it works great!

- rickdonohoe

This module completely eliminated spam bots attempting to register on my site. Logs show more than 20 attempts per hour being effectively blocked. Now only real people are showing up for new accounts. Thanks for a creative solution.

- David

Me too. I installed it on my site and the spam registrations disappeared. Highly recommended. Congrats to the developers.

- drz4007

Works wonders on a site that is constantly plagued by spam bots coming from more than 2000 different IP addresses. Thanks to the maintainers of this great module.

- HD

Love it! Current blocking 2-3 spam posts per minute on blog comment forms. This module picks up where captcha leaves off.

- christopherG

Wow. No more time spent deleting spam registrations. Because there are no longer any spam registrations. Thank you very much.


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kwfinken’s picture

Does anyone have experience using this module with screen readers. CAPTCHAs are very unfriendly for the visually impaired, even the "audio alternatives" are nearly impossible to understand (if you don't believe me, go to and listen to a sample!). This looks like it could be a better solution, but does it configure such that the screen readers also ignore the honeypot?

geerlingguy’s picture

I've tested it with a couple screen readers, and the honeypot field is not mentioned in the normal process of filling out the form (since CSS sets the display to 'none', all the mainstream screen readers will safely ignore the field).

Personal site:

Redege’s picture

Sinds we have honey or facepalm reg. of user is downside from 50+ a day to 1 a day. So honeypot do his work. keepup the work to.

tormi.tabor’s picture

Thanks a lot, very useful module!

select count(*) as count, variables from watchdog where type = 'honeypot' and message like 'Blocked%' group by variables;

(3 days logs):

count variables
95 a:2:{s:5:"%form";s:13:"user_register";s:6:"@cause";s:43:"submission of a value in the honeypot field";}
100 a:2:{s:5:"%form";s:13:"user_register";s:6:"@cause";s:57:"submission of the form in less than minimum required time";}

stclaird’s picture

For some reason my drupal site was inundated with spam sign ups and comments. This did the trick. No more deleting page after page of garbage accounts (and risking deleting proper accounts) for me

davidhk’s picture

Despite use of Captcha, I was getting 100+ spam user registrations per day, followed by spam posts to the forum.

I installed Honeypot three days ago and it has blocked all spam registrations since.

Thank you!

david-giorgi’s picture

Great solution! Thank you for this valuable project.

Vagelis’s picture

Me too. I installed it on my site and the spam registrations disappeared. Highly recommended. Congrats to the developers.

twarner’s picture

This module is wonderful. Since we installed it, it's blocked multiple spam contents per minute. It also doesn't slow down the server; we ended up turning off comments for a while because Mollom was working so hard it overloaded our processes. Plus, it's hilarious watching all the bots fall into the same stupid trap! Well done!

SomeRandomGuy’s picture

This is hands down one of the best modules I have installed for my site. My site was being bombarded by spambots posting all sorts of random junk in my forums. I tried using other modules such as CAPTCHA and banning the IP addresses of spammers. Nothing helped and I was constantly deleting accounts and content. After installing Honeypot it all stopped... Immediately. I can't thank the developer enough, you have saved me from many future headaches. Thank you and keep up the good work! =)

mxh’s picture

I want to say a really big thank you to geerlingguy for offering this effective lightweight module, which is exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate it a lot that you're taking the time to provide us such a great tool. You made my day, Sir :)

hosttor’s picture

This module works like a charm. This is what I have been looking for. Hi 5 to the creator. Keep on rocking.

noman_297’s picture

Yes honey pot made my day.Great work by developer.