Hi all,

I have a views slideshow with slideshow type 'flexslider'.
I have about 60px of empty space below my slideshow. I can't seem to find the cause of this empty space in firebug. Can anyone please suggest what the cause of this empty space is so I can get rid of it?

Thank you


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OK I think I found this...


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Did this fix it for you? Because I have removed those 60px from the stylesheet and still have over 120px of unwanted space below the slider.
I can't even grasp with Firebug where is that coming from....

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I would look at Drupal's default list styles as well. Also ensure you're using the right version of the FlexSlider library (1.8+ for 7.x1.0-rc3, 2.0+ for 2.x)

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@ cara1940 - yes my flexslider is ok with no unwanted space. I could take a look at yours if you tell me the link...

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Ciao minorOffense and Juc1. Thank you for your responses.

@minorOffense: yes I have the right library and will follow your advise and revise the drupal default li styles.... it's possible that's where the issue is coming from.

@Juc1 - I have the site installed locally for development. I will try to find time this week to deploy it remotely and accept your offer to take a look (if checking the defualt li styles doesn't solve it), because I have spent countless hours on this on my own and could go nowhere. Thank you!

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Another important thing is I KNOW it' s related to some class/id involved with the functioning of the slider, because if I remove the slider block, the next block immediately below moves into position right below the header, without any margin at all. Also I assign an image style to the slider field for the images, which for some reason causes a blank slide, when we are at the blank slide, it happens the same as described above. So it's something to do with the div that contain each sliding image, I think...But I can't quite precise which...

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If you can provide a link to see the site I might be able to help.

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.flexslider {
margin: 0;

Proably not the best solution but did it for me. This might cause an issue with the pager though, which I´m not using.

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Hacked in that file :

contrib > views_slidshow_cycle > theme > views-slideshow-cycle-main-frame-row-item.tpl.php

Just removed all spaced

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I am getting white space below slidshow when Pager Controls = off in Flexslider option set. Although the pager is not displayed when switched off, the html list and styling margins and padding for the pager buttons remain which creates white space. I suppose all the html related to the pager should be removed or hidden when the pager is switched off?