In certain situations, where the no field settings sentence is on the global field settings tab, a newline is missing.

Proposed resolution

No proposal yet.

Remaining tasks

  • Locate cause of problem
  • Implement the change, provide patch
  • review patch
  • A screenshot with the fix would be nice


User interface changes

Not really.

API changes

No api changes anticipated.

Releated Issues

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It's ok if there is some field after the translation field.


It's ok when there is no content in a field yet.


Here is the problem: missing whitespace


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Status: Active » Needs review
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This just makes the "has no field settings" line a paragraph.

I'm thinking maybe instead/in addition to put the translation enable/disable in a div.

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related #1876134: "has no field settings" does not make sense (follow-up to Adding new fields leads to a confusing "Field settings" form)

I wonder if the translation setting should be added to the form in a way that it's picked up as a field setting (so it does not say there are no field settings). To be discussed in that related issue probably.

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@YesCT: Looking at your patch you've put p tags within the #markup. I was always wondering if there is any coding standards on if these should be in #prefix and #suffix for render arrays? I looked through core and there doesn't seem to be any consistency.

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@drupaljoe Good question. I'm not sure I know how to find the answer... unless we can find the issue that added the ability to use the prefix/suffix/markup and see if there is some guidance there.

The other common answer to thing like this is: check and see what other parts of core are doing.... grep votes... :) [edit to use code tag]
7: grep -R "<p>" * | grep prefix | grep -v patch | grep -v interdiff | wc -l
18: grep -R "<p>" * | grep "</p>" | grep markup | grep -v patch | grep -v interdiff | wc -l

More seriously, I dont know the right approach here, I'm just getting the ball rolling.

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Issue tags: -API change
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The current approach is absolutely fine and makes sense. I'm not sure #markup even supports #prefix and #suffix, at least I'm pretty sure that in D7 it doesn't. I didn't actually review the change in detail so not setting to RTBC.

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Status: Needs review » Postponed


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Status: Postponed » Closed (won't fix)