After upgrading from d6 to d7 I am getting this message:

Notice: unserialize() [function.unserialize]: Error at offset 99 of 139 bytes in UserController->attachLoad() (line 307 of /var/www/html/modules/user/user.module).

How to solve this please?


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Ya, good question. What up wit' dat?! Got the same error on login.
I've recently been mucking with file permissions. Could that be it?
It's a multi-site, separate database setup, Drupal 7.
I made drupal_user=www-data, and httpd_group=www-data using the script. Was that a no-no?



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I have solved the problem.. data field in the users table was incorrect for some users

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Can you please explain what you mean by "users table was incorrect for some users"? What should I do to remedy this?


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In the "users" table you will find a field called "data" field which is a binary field.. be sure that it's correct
I don't know if by deleting the content of that field you will solve the problem or not.. I did rewrite that field