I've created a Views Slideshow view as a block, collecting some nodes for display. By default it puts the title of each node at the top of the slide, which is fine. It also makes the title a link to the node, which is not what I want. Is there any way to remove this link? Preferably I'd like to actually change where that link goes to for each node, but I realize that might be a bit much. Another pleasing alternative would be to remove the title altogether, since it might actually work better to allow me to do something with that within the body of the node slide itself.

I found this old issue: http://drupal.org/node/417952 that seems to be on point but the resolution is unsatisfactory. It describes,"a checkbox in the title field that says link to node" but I can find no such checkbox, or title field. As it is, the Fields section of the view says,"The style selected does not utilize fields."

I'm on Drupal 6.26, Views 6.x-3.0, Views Slideshow 6.x-3.0.


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Support for Views Slideshow 6.x is mostly deprecated (ie bug fixes and major errors may be looked at and security issues, but not really anything else), so closing.