I've noticed after deleting and flushing all possible cache, that Google Chrome was still showing some cached page. Impossible to put site into maintenance mode!!! The browser keeps on showing front page. And some others too.

Disabled the boost cache. Didn't work. Until I've removed the .htaccess code.

This is really important issue, as Chrome is the most used browser.



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Could you explain your exactly the steps that you are taking to clear you cache because I believe I spot a documentation issue.

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Well, flushing cache from admin menu, drush cc all, clear browser cache, even manually emptied some cache tables.

Disabled all possible cache modules.

But I suppose I've missed some Boost specific cache that I didn't find in module configuration???

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is the box

Ignore a cache flush command if cron issued the request


not ticked under the cache expiration tab in boost ?

There's also a procedural issue, I believe.

  1. put in maintenance mode
  2. make sure that is not ticked
  3. clear all caches on performance page

should do it. ftp or similar should confirm there are no files in cache/normal and if you are getting a display then it may be chrome caching.

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it's not really clear. The option is enabled actually.
But, how can I understand "if cron issued the request"?
Flushing cache was done manually, and not by the cron.

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That's why I believe it's a documentation issue, because it's occurred to me that maintenance mode is going to be ignored unless a complete flush of the cache is carried out regardless of the browser and quite possibly a hook needs to be placed inside the function turning on maintenance mode.

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No, maintenance mode worked on every other browser, and even in Google Chrome for pages that weren't in the cache at that moment.

And I don't know why the Boost cache is not completely cleared?

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The difference in browsers is probably due to cookies existing on your system, the rewrite rules are going to work regardless of browser if the DRUPAL_UID cookie is not set. Boost cache is separate to the drupal caching system and so won't flush unless explicitly instructed to.

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Could you be more explicit on how to achieve this. When I want to clear all caches to prevent visitors seeing on my site what was not intended to be seen, what should I do? Clear Boost cache database tables?

I just couldn't make some simple css changes without diving into cache problem!

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Get that box unticked, put it into maintenance mode, manually run cron, flush the cache under the performance settings. That should do the trick, or just turn off the boost module while you make your changes.

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Ok, thanks, I'll try that. But it sounds pretty complicated.

The second solution won't work. As I stated in my issue, disabling Boost did not the trick, cause I had to remove the Boost code from .htaccess to get Chrome to load site correctly.

I'll recheck everything later, cause I spent some time on cache problems today, not only Boost.