I have changed the main menu background gif files. And everything looked nice on my mac in Safari. However in IE and Firefox the main menu background has disappeared, only the dividers remain visible and the hover background appears when you hover over an item.

What I changed:
Menu dimensions (from 952 to 950, changed to original value, didn't work)
#rounded-menu-left and right dimensions (width from 1 and 14 px to 0 and 0 px, changed to original value, showed them again, but didn't reveal the rest of the background)
And changed the .gif files, from original to custom in photoshop with same dimensions (changed to originals and the background showed up!)

So apparently something goes wrong with the new .gif files, however, I really don't understand what is going wrong and why Safari understands, but IE and Firefox don't. Anyone has an idea?

website is: www.topdeckmode.com

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Fixed it, the file was saved incorrect, Safari could handle it, but other browsers couldnt.
Used the "save for web" in photoshop to save it as a .gif, worked out!

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.