Last updated 15 March 2013. Created on 27 December 2012.
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The Olark module provides some simple integration between the Olark live chat service and Drupal. You will need to have an account with Olark in order to use this module. The module also provides a Context reaction to allow you to add the Olark code using more complex Context-based rules, such as adding the code at specific paths, for specific roles, or other criteria. For instance, you could only show the Olark chat on the home page to anonymous users.

In addition to adding the Olark code to your page, the module also tells the operator whether the user is logged in, and if so, what their username, email address, and user page are.


  • Create and configure an account at
  • Place this module in your modules directory and enable it.
  • Visit and copy your integration code snippet.
  • Visit your Drupal site Olark configuration page (admin/settings/olark) and paste the code snippet into the textarea, then submit the settings form.

Optional: If using Context module, enable the "use Context" setting on the Olark configuration page (admin/settings/olark). Then visit the Context configuration page (admin/build/context) and add add the "Olark" reaction to one of your context items.

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