Create.js makes too simplistic assumptions in some areas, forcing us to have more and uglier boilerplate code than necessary.

Proposed resolution

The problems have been discussed with the Create.js maintainer and will be fixed before a Create.js 1.0 release (they've been marked as blockers).

Remaining tasks

  1. Help get upstream issues fixed.
  2. Leverage the fixes to achieve cleaner code.

User interface changes


API changes



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As part of #1886566: Make WYSIWYG editors available for in-place editing, I worked on improving the naming of the different PropertyEditor widgets. Instead of:



But then I ran into ridiculous problems because jQuery UI Widget works in ways that are completely beyond all common sense: (namespaces aren't actually namespaces in jQuery UI Widgets.)

So I had to use "bridging" to be able to use namespaces:

Unfortunately, that breaks with Create.js: Hence, that issue is now also listed in the issue summary.

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#1979784: Factor Create.js and VIE.js out of the Edit module removed Create.js and VIE.js, so this was implicitly fixed there.

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