I am having a problem with pathauto.
When I created a path alias pattern like shop/product.php?productid=[node:nid] , it converts the URL to shop/product.php%3Fproductid%3D17518
when I type shop/product.php?productid=17518 .... it show page not found.
Kindly help me out this issue.



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drupal of $_GET parameters is $_GET['q']. When the parameter is shop/product.php?productid=[node:nid] ,Drupal considers it the whole as ($_GET['q']=shop/product.php?productid=[node:nid]) and format the $_GET['q'] by rawurlencode.To modify it, remove rawurlencode from drupal_http_build_query() and drupal_encode_path() function.

Anyhow we suggest you not removing the perameter since it belongs to drupal core.

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Drupal does not support query strings in URL alias, so natively we cannot support this functionality in Pathauto either. See #118072: Allow query strings in URL aliases for the feature request in Drupal core.

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Probably a bit late (2 years late...) but please see my last reply on the previous mentioned thread. Hope it helps.

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thanks @figarlin. I'll have a look :)