Hi all,

I'm using Views Global Filter to filter by countries some views.

One of this views is the default "calendar" provided by calendar module.

All works fine, events are filtered by country within the calendar. But when you click on the "next month" in the calendar, global filter stops working.

At a first look I've noticed this:

Default calendar URL (opened by default):
All works fine here: results in calendar are filtered by country

"next month" calendar URL (when you click on "next"):
the url becames:
/calendar/month/2013-01/all (if global filter was setted to "all")
/calendar/month/2013-01/AL (if global filter was setted to "Albania")
/calendar/month/2013-01/IT (if global filter was setted to "Italy")

So, is seems that Calendar appends the last argument in the url belonging to global filter module (I do not know where it goes fishing it), and this cause GF stop working because GF only works if the argument IS NOT in the URL: "When the filter value is NOT in the URL" -> provide default value by GLOBAL FILTER.

The problem is that the last param (all or AL or IT) doesn't change when you change the global filter select, so the calendar views can't change the country filter...

I don't need that Calendar appends GF arguments to the URL: how to resolve this issue?

Thank you very much for any help.